PVDF Pumps

We are the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of PVDF Pumps. The Fluorinated Polymer are widely appreciated for their remarkable chemical inertness and their excellent resistance to ageing.

PVDF Pumps offers the specific advantage of easy processing in accordance with all the convection methods used in the plastic industry.

PVDF Pumps Polymerized according to its own special process, offers a high degree of crystallinity to that by other processes, resulting among other things in superior thermomechanical properties.

PVDF Pumps 40

PVDF Pumps Casing Linear and Armour
PVDF Pumps liner is completely encapsulated in the metal armour (shell). All sealing points are metal supported and "flowing" of the PVDF Pumps is thus limited. The robust armour absorbs all the loads in the system and from the suction.
Slide in Unit
PVDF Pumps without casing with semi-open PVDF impeller and solid injection moulded PVDF back plate.
Shaft Sealing
External mounted teflon bellow-type single mechanical seal and high alumina ceramic stationery sealing face

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